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Unique hotel 10-Z Fallout Bunker, Czech Republic

10-Z Fallout Bunker

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Spend a night in the real fallout shelter!

History of this unique hotels begins in 1944 when Nazi army built a anti-aircraft shelter. After 1948 Army took over the building and in total secrecy transformed it into fallout bunker named 10-Z. Entrance was changed to survive the blast and all the available technology was installed. Whole bunker is placed below the ground level and is equipped with 65 rooms, a water reservoir, air filtration system and electricity generator built by Skoda - all built in 1950's. We are happy to say that decor hasn't changed much since then so you'll see safety and propaganda posters on the walls too.

In fact, except of few exercises this place was never used, so in 1993 Czech army handed it over to the City Hall who left it to rot. Luckily in 2014 agreement was signed to use it as a very unusual hotel. Luckily for you as you have a chance to stroll on 600m of underground corridors and feel like in a post-apocalyptic world. Safest hotel in the world!

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Movie credit: Guy Shachar

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