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Unique hotel 12 Decades Art Hotel, South Africa

12 Decades Art Hotel

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See amazing interiors designed by visiting artists!

The 12 Decades Hotel was designed by the artists from all over the world. That means it just cannot be boring!

Each room explores a different theme appropriate to Johannesburg’s vibrant mining and commercial history, as one of the Africa's most important cities. Hotel is located in Johannesburg's Maboneng discrict famous for its restaurants, bars, galleries and shops, which means all this attractions are withing walking distance.

Be sure to check out Rooftop Boxing Gym (self explanatory!) for a quick work-out, neighbouring Cocoon Spa for variety of treatments and neighborhood concierge if you're looking for any suggestions on food and entertainment.

All in all if you are looking for an alternative hotel that offers more than traditional luxury and amenities, then the 12 Decades Hotel is the perfect introduction to Johannesburg's culture, cuisine and history.

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Unique hotel 12 Decades Art Hotel2, South Africa


Unique hotel 12 Decades Art Hotel5, South Africa


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286 Fox St , Johannesburg, South Africa