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Unique hotel 25hours at MuseumsQuartier, Austria

25hours at MuseumsQuartier

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Unique hotel 25hours Vienna at Museums Quartier is one of the most vibrant hotels in Vienna, Austria and probably even the world. It was inspired by circus - colorful, surreal, surprising and sexy place which raises eyebrows of it's visitors. And that's exactly what this hotel is.

Inside you'll find comfortable rooms with baths on terrace, circus grafitti, gym, restaurant and... photo booth. Top place to stay in Vienna!

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Air conditioning


Unique hotel 25hours at MuseumsQuartier1, Austria


Unique hotel 25hours at MuseumsQuartier2, Austria


Unique hotel 25hours at MuseumsQuartier3, Austria


Unique hotel 25hours at MuseumsQuartier4, Austria


Unique hotel 25hours at MuseumsQuartier5, Austria


Unique hotel 25hours at MuseumsQuartier6, Austria


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Lerchenfelder Straße 1-3 , Vienna, Austria