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Unique hotel 9 Hours Capsule Hotel, Japan

9 Hours Capsule Hotel

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Futuristic, super-clean and convenient hotel experience!

9 Hours Kyoto hotel is a simple and pragmatical concept - assuming that you need three basic things to rest - shower, sleep and to dress up again. And that's how it works! You can hire it for just for a shower, refreshing nap or longer if you decide  to stay overnight. Most essential things here are provided - toiletires or even bed clothes if you need them. You can even buy here business clothes if you'll ever need them!

If you're worried about cleanliness - don't. Hotel is super clean and first impression is closer to futuristic laboratory than hotel.  If capsules are not your thing, for a little more you can reserve a suite with a private shower. It's also worth remembering that as in the most capsule hotels there are separate floors for men and women. 

Sci-fi fans will love it for the spaceship feeling!

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Air conditioning

Unique hotel 9 Hours Capsule Hotel2, Japan


Unique hotel 9 Hours Capsule Hotel5, Japan


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588 Teianmaenocho Shijokudaru Shimogyo , Kyoto, Japan