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Unique hotel Adventure Suites, United States

Adventure Suites

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This hotel is attraction in itself!

Usually everyone is looking hotel close to tourist attraction. But this unique hotel is an attraction in itself! 

Whether you prefer the psychedelic décor of the 1970's in the "Love Shack" with disco ball ceiling mirror and jacuzzi, romantic furnishings of the "Carpe Diem" or huuuge bed of "Victorian Spa", your stay will be unforgettable. It's even hard to forget about this hotel after reading about it!

Alternatively you can choose "The Motorcycle Room", which comes with its own garage, poker table and huge hot tub for your whole gang. If you prefer nature, try surviving a night in "The Jungle", exploring the unknown depths in "The Cave" or visit "Dragon's Lair" with oriental furniture, floating bed and huge dragon overlooking jacuzzi. Oh, and there is also the "Tree House" which is perfect for kids, "Sugar Shack" which is perfect for adults and "Deserted Island", where you sleep in a huge clam.

We LOVE this unique hotel. And we hope you will too!

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In hotel:

Air conditioning
Swimming pool


Unique hotel Adventure Suites1, United States


Unique hotel Adventure Suites4, United States


Unique hotel Adventure Suites5, United States


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3440 White Mountain Highway , North Conway, United States