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Unique hotel Airstream Trailer Park, France

Airstream Trailer Park

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Luxurious accommodation in vintage Airstream trailers

Located near Mirepoix, close to French-Spanish border this unique hotel consists of 15 trailers, mostly imported with great care from United States. It might sound like not a lot, but combined with fantastic views of Pyrenees and relaxed atmosphere, this is a solid place for a rest.

So what can you expect from a trailer park? Expect a good sleep in surprisingly comfortable accommodation, good food at vintage food truck "Lucy's Dinner", relaxed and unique atmosphere of Apollo Lounge (the only beach bar in the mountains!) and hot tub made from red cedar wood with views over surrounding mountains. 

The last one will be a great place to relax after you decide to take advantage of local attractions like hiking, biking, swimming, canoeing, horseback riding, climbing, joining festivals, exploring underground caves or visiting medieval churches and castles.

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Horse riding

Unique hotel Airstream Trailer Park1, France


Unique hotel Airstream Trailer Park2, France


Unique hotel Airstream Trailer Park6, France


Unique hotel Airstream Trailer Park7, France


Unique hotel Airstream Trailer Park8, France


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