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Unique hotel Al Maha, United Arab Emirates

Al Maha

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Luxurious hideaway on the Arabian Desert

Rising like a mirage from the sands of the Arabian Desert, the Al Maha Resort is a perfect spot for a weekend away from the city and amazing romantic adventure. Located just 45 minutes drive from Dubai, this unique hotel is named after the Arabian Oryx - antelopes living in Arabian Desert. The good way to experience this plce is to admire breathtaking desert views which expand infinitely in all directions. Better if you do it during your camel ride on the desert. Or even better - arranging a romantic dinner outside in the desert and admire the night sky among the lanterns, Bedouin tables and cushions.

Al Maha has a higher mission too - it managed to reintroduce indigenous wildlife (including Oryx) and flora to the area by planting over 6,000 trees. The resort also has the newest water recycling facilities puryfing and refiltering water used for irrigation. There - now there is no reason to not book it!

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