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Unique hotel Albergo Il Monastero, Italy

Albergo Il Monastero

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Spend a night on an island with its own vineyard!

The impressive building where hotel is located was once a monastery belonging to Santa Maria della Consolazione. Built in the 16th century, whole complex has been dedicated to meditation and spiritual retreat.

Nowodays, despite modern facilities, this intentions are still clearly visible to this day thorugh simple and essential spaces. Like minimal room windows expanding od the sky and horizon. But this makes Hotel Albergo Il Monastero a perfect place for relaxing, meditation and soul seeking. Or food and wine tasting, because hotel has its own vineyard and well-renowned restaurant.

If for some reason you would like to escape this paradise, Island of Ischia has famous thermal volcanic springs, that are believed to have healing abilities. Your doctor approves this stay!

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