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Unique hotel Alila Fort Bishangarh, India

Alila Fort Bishangarh

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Stay in luxury warrior fort

Perched on the mountain surrounded by green hills dotted with rural villages and temples lies unique Alila Fort Bishangarh. Former warrior fort has been turned into hotel that will impress anyone looking at it from outside, and even more after stepping in.

Old turrets, cellars and hallways were turned here into private lounges, bars and dining spaces. Amarsar - main restaurant serves traditional Indian food, whil ether places are outdoor grill (Nazaara), Rajput (traditional sand-pit cooking and smoked meats), Madhuveni (cigar bar) and Kachhawa Lounge located in secret passage (4C's - champagne, coffee, cakes and chaai). Down the hill you will find one of the best infinity pools in India with view over the fort.

While here you can try unique activities like SPA in the dungeons, camel riding, carpet weaving or visiting one of local elementary schools. Top pick in Jaipur!

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In hotel:

Airport transfer
Swimming pool
BBQ facilities

Art classes
Camel riding
Cooking classes
Wine tasting
Yoga classes

Unique hotel Alila Fort Bishangarh1, India


Unique hotel Alila Fort Bishangarh2, India


Unique hotel Alila Fort Bishangarh3, India


Unique hotel Alila Fort Bishangarh4, India


Unique hotel Alila Fort Bishangarh5, India


Unique hotel Alila Fort Bishangarh6, India


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Off NH-8 at Manoharpur Bishangarh , Manoharpur, India