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Unique hotel Altira Macau, Macau

Altira Macau

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Relax in one of 10 best swimming pools in the world!

If you have to come to Taipa, choose Altira Matau for its panoramic views and swimming pool. The last one is actually quite famous. Voted as one of "10 best pools in the world", it features floor (or should we say underfloor?) to ceiling windows, regulated temperature and... underwater music!

Whole hotel has been designed by world class designer so rooms look more like a modern, urban cabin than a standard hotel guest room. Of course you can treat yourself to one of the exclusive villas with 24-hour butler service, steam room and loads of space. Souns like enough reasons to make a booking!

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In hotel:

Air conditioning
Swimming pool
Fitness area

Unique hotel Altira Macau1, Macau


Unique hotel Altira Macau2, Macau


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Avenida de Kwong Tung , Taipa, Macau