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Unique hotel Alto Atacama, Chile

Alto Atacama

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Spend a night stargazing at the world's most famous desert

Located at the footsteps of the Atacama desert this unique hotel might be easy to miss, but it is worth every penny! Visit it for the beautiful night sky views free from light pollution, with countless stars visible to light up your imagination. But stay here for amazing views of Atacama Desert and Andes Mountains, gorgeous swimming pool and Spa.

You can choose from over 35 different tours and excursions carried out by local guides including bicycle rides, volcano treks, photography safaris, picnics, visits to the geyser fields or hot springs and many more. There seems to be no reason to refuse yourself the potential adventure of the lifetime!

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Camino Pukara, Ayllu de Quitor, 1410000 , San Pedro de Atacama, Chile