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Unique hotel Amanjiwo, Indonesia


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Spend a night in a beautiful amphitheatre meters away from UNESCO site

Somwhere in forests of central Java, tucked in between Menoreh Hills and four volcanos lies unique hotel Amanijiwo. Its name means "peaceful soul" and very accurately describes character of the place - beautifuly designed amphiteatre by Ed Tuttle, reflecting the traditional style of nearby temples.

The hotel unique features include own library hosting lectures on history of nearby Borobudur, Javanese Spa with Mandi Lulur treatment, and a swimming pool that is 40 meters long. Suites have limestone walls, domed roofs (some are thatched), high ceilings, a central four-pillar bed, sungkai wood screens, coconut wood and rattan furniture, old batik pillows and traditional glass paintings.

Hotel offers trips to nearby largest Buddhist monument, and one of many religious sites in the area including Dieng Plateau and the ancient complex of Prambanan. Dramatic landscape of the Amanijiwo surroundings is ideal for trekking, either up the steep slopes of Mt Merapi or trough green Menoreh Hills, with its villages, clove plantations and rice fields. 


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In hotel:

Air conditioning
Swimming pool

Jungle trekking
Local guide trips

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Ds. Majaksingi, Borobudur, , Jawa Tengah, Indonesia