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Unique hotel Amazon Jungle Palace, Brazil

Amazon Jungle Palace

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Experience rainforest from the unique floating hotel

Despite many nearby options this unique hotel gives floats on the waters of Rio Negro in the middle of rainforest. How about that for unusual stay? 

What's more, hotel is taking sustainable policy very seriously. It includes water treatment and waste management systems to reduce human impact on this precious area. Rooms are equipped with AC and offer breathtaking views, and some even private deck with jacuzzi. 

This hotel is perfect for experiencing Brazilian Jungle and activities including bird-watching, canoeing and meeting local indian culture.

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In hotel:

Air conditioning
Swimming pool


Unique hotel Amazon Jungle Palace5, Brazil


Unique hotel Amazon Jungle Palace6, Brazil


Unique hotel Amazon Jungle Palace7, Brazil


Unique hotel Amazon Jungle Palace8, Brazil


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Amazon Jungle Palace , Colônia Paricatuba, Brazil