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Unique hotel Amazon Eco Lodge, Brazil

Amazon Eco Lodge

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Stay on the floating lodge in the heart of Amazon jungle

In the deep jungle, just 80 km from Manas, floating on the waters of the Juma River lies unique Amazon Eco Lodge - a place where you can have your one-to-one meeting with Mother Nature. Or even a date. Lodge is placed in the private reserve of 790 hectares of primal rainforest protected since 1980's.

There are no roads here - you can only arrive by boat or plane landing on the water. Instead there's plenty of nature here - toucans, howler monkeys and dolphins are frequent visitors here.

You can try swimming in the black waters of Juma - the water is 26-32C all year round. Water in Juma is acidic which means that hard time for mosquitos, and that means very little risk of yellow fever, malaria, ziak and dongue diseases. Works fine for us!

Naturally you get protective mesh in all windows of the 17 rooms, plus some things that are not guaranteed anywhere else: fans, lights and electricity during night. No hot water but who needs it when river water is around 29 all year round.

Naturally you can take the canoe excursions with Osmar from nearby Wanana village - very experienced local guide who will show you local nature, animals, plants, trees and local ecosystems. And help you with piranha fishing. Very unusual stay!

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Jungle trekking

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