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Unique hotel American Colony Hotel, Israel

American Colony Hotel

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Stay in one of the most unique hotels in Jerusalem!

Located in the heart of the vibrant Jerusalem American Colony Hotel offers a tranquil atmosphere and peaceful rest. Its history makes it one of the most unusual hotels in Jerusalem. 

Hotel was originally the home of a Turkish high ranking military officer before falling in hands of "Christian Utopia Society", which mission was to help people of Jerusalem regardless of religion. Unfortunately, society mission is discontinued but today you can still spend a night in this unique hotel as a guest.

Expect your room to be finished to a standard with antique furniture and all the modern amenities you might need. During your stay you can relax in hotel's restaurant, swimming pool, café or one of three intimate traditional gardens.


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In hotel:

Air conditioning
Swimming pool

Unique hotel American Colony Hotel1, Israel


Unique hotel American Colony Hotel2, Israel


Unique hotel American Colony Hotel4, Israel


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