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Unique hotel Amman Rotana, Jordan

Amman Rotana

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Stay in the first tower hotel in Jordan

It has 5 stars, 3 restaurants, 412 rooms and is 188 meters high - meet unique hotel Amman Rotana that is in fact the first tower hotel built in Jordan. The building is so high that it dominates city landscape by a big margin. You won't have a problem finding your way back home!

Inside you'll find luxury rooms with floor-to-ceiling windows, AC, 24h dining, hairdryer and minibar. There are three restaurants (Italian, International and BBQ/grill) three bars (including one by the pool), and countless body treatments at the hotel's Bodylines Fitness & Wellness Club.

The hotel is within a 45-minute drive from Queen Alia International Airport, reasonable distance form the city centre and close to Prince Hashem Bird Garden. Solid option.

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In hotel:

Air conditioning
Airport transfer
Swimming pool

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