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Unique hotel Anthenea Luxury Suite, France

Anthenea Luxury Suite

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Stay in the luxury floating suite!

Its round, it's white and it will give you a holiday to remember. Meet Anthenea - world's first floating suites. Inside you'll find a 3m underwater window to observe underwater life, a hot tub with hot water(!), and rooftop lounge for up to 12 of your guests to watch long calm sunsets.

Pods are self-sufficient thanks to solar panels, desalination systems and even a wood-burning stove for the cold nights. It's design was taken from the lotus flower, where surface tension helps to stay afloat, so the whole thing is impossible to sink or tip over. You can forget about seasickness too - stabilizing ballasting is added, so pods remain stable even when the sea is not.

Right now pods moored in Brittany (France), but soon they're expected to pop up all around the world. Be quick to book yours!

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Unique hotel Anthenea Luxury Suite2, France


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