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Unique hotel Arctic Snow Hotel, Finland

Arctic Snow Hotel

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Stay in one of the biggest ice hotels in the world!

SnowHotel offers place for 70 guests and is one of the largest in the Nordics. Naturally each year this unique hotel is carved from scratch, so every year it looks and feels different.

As you probably can guess, rooms are made from ice with beautiful illuminated decorations made from... yes, ice. Bed is made from...frozen water and room temperature varies from 0 to 5C. Luckily you'll be equipped with arctic sleeping bags and a lot of insulation during the night. If you think that it might not be enough you can rent winter clothes at the hotel. Or warm up in snow sauna and outdoor jacuzzi - we tried it and it's fun!

Onsite you'll find ice restaurant and bar where everything is carved out of ice - even tables, tableware and glasses. If you prefer something a little bit less extreme there are two other restaurants perfect for dining and trying fresh salmon. Newest hotel addition Skybar will be perfect for everyone interested in Northern Lights - its glass ceiling will allow you to enjoy phenomena without low temperatures.

Activities here include snow sculpting, electric snowmobile safaris, ice fishing and snowshoe hiking. Perfect place for unforgettable winter adventure!

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Quad biking
Snow shoeing

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