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Unique hotel Ariau Towers Amazon, Brazil

Ariau Towers Amazon

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Observe jungle from the famous treehouse!

Imagine yourself 20 meters above the ground in jungle where colorful tropical birds are flying over your head, passing butterfly farms, chilling sloths and friendly monkeys. How's that for a hotel's entrance? Your room will be called Tarzan Room and from 33 meters you'll have fantastic views and all time you need to admire jungle life!

As you probably figured out already, there is no boredom while staying here: you can admire rainforest on jungle walking tour, see flooded forest or pink dolphins from canoe or admire all the rest from two observing decks (40m). Or you can go piranha fishing!

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Unique hotel Ariau Towers Amazon1, Brazil


Unique hotel Ariau Towers Amazon4, Brazil


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