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Unique hotel Arlo Soho, United States

Arlo Soho

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Stay at the first micro-hotel!

„Arlo is that feeling that you’ve been here before” we can read on the hotel's website – but it's not 100% accurate. This unique place to stay is one of the first „micro-hotels” where, except its modest size, you'll find everything you need.

Expect your rooms to be small but well-organised with working space. You can just unpack and chill in the lounge with cardboard games ad selection of books and movies. Or relax on the rooftop. Or taste some cocktails at Hotel's bar. Or visit „Harold's meat and three” restaurant with really interesting menu. Or you can just go and explore the the city that never sleeps!

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Air conditioning

Unique hotel Arlo Soho1, United States


Unique hotel Arlo Soho2, United States


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231 Hudson Street, Soho , New York, United States