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Unique hotel Atlantis Underwater Suites, United Arab Emirates

Atlantis Underwater Suites

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Book a room with a view of 65,000 underwater creatures!

If you ever wanted to experience life underwater Atlantis resort has something right for you! Choose from two unique underwater suites overlooking the Ambassador Lagoon – 11 million-litre home to 65,000 marine animals. Right from your bed bed you can look at anchovy, baby stingrays, piranha, lionfish, grey reef and hammerhead sharks. 

Price of room include butler service, access to Aquaventure Waterpark and The Lost Chambers Aquarium and... two shallow water dolphin interactions at Dolphin Bay- 4.5 hectare dolphin conservation centre.

Aquapark here has some of the best water slides in the world and longest zip-lining in the country. There are 23 restaurants with 400 chefs but we would recommend Ossiano Underwater Restaurant. If you want to propose or remarry there - you can hire a diver that will swim over to your table with "Marry Me" sign!

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Unique hotel Atlantis Underwater Suites1, United Arab Emirates


Unique hotel Atlantis Underwater Suites2, United Arab Emirates


Unique hotel Atlantis Underwater Suites3, United Arab Emirates


Unique hotel Atlantis Underwater Suites4, United Arab Emirates


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