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Unique hotel Bürgenstock Hotel, Switzerland

Bürgenstock Hotel

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140 years ago Franz Josef Bucher and Josef Durrer bought a plot of land on the Bürgenberg ridge with the dream of placing a hotel there. They started small, but piece by piece they were adding and refurbishing wooms and amenities. Today, you can still stay at the original Grand Hotel, or choose latest comforts of Palace Hotel.

We recommend this unique hotel for two reasons. First - you can take funicular railway from Lucerne Lake straight to the lobby of the Bürgenstock Hotel. There are only two more hotels in the world where you can do that (that we know about). Plus, the views on the journey up to 500m above the lake are just amazing. If you're one of the millionaires that is using this website - you can land with your own private jet in Buochs. And from there take helicopter to the hotel.

Second reason is even more pleasant - Bürgenstock Hotel offers one of the best swimming pools in the world for you to dip in. And we mean it. There are 2 outdoor pools here with killer views of Lake Lucerne. Just check the photographs and imagine yourself there.

Apart of 4 restaurants and 10000 sq. metre Spa there is every comfort you might need. We won't bother to put it here, just click 'Book it' button to find out more.

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In hotel:

Air conditioning
Airport transfer
Swimming pool
Fitness area

Bird watching
Mountain biking
Mountain trekking

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Bürgenstock Resort , Bürgenstock, Switzerland