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Unique hotel Bangkok Tree House, Thailand

Bangkok Tree House

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Quiet hotel in Bangkok actually exists!

This might be hard to belive, but located only five minutes from the BTS sky-train (Bangna station), this unique hotel is a world away from hustle and bustle of Bangkok.

If you decide to stay here, you'll be surrounded by nature with all the trees, plants, exotic lizards, birds, fireflies, cicadas and butterflies. Hotel uses 100% solar renewable energy, solar cookers and lights, uses home-grown products, employs local staff and buys local products. There's even more to this unusual eco-hotel: you'll get 15% discount if you decide to leave your smartphone at the check-in! After your check out hotel promises to clean 1 kilo of trash from the river for every guest booking.

Rooms here are sleek and modern but the most amazing is the "View with a Room", where you can sleep under the stars. Of course hotel has a plan B in case of rain. And if you're a real adventure seeker, you can rent a bed that floats on the river! VUH - Very Unusual Hotel!

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Petchaheung Rd soi 26 Bangkok Tree House , Bangkok, Thailand