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Unique hotel Basecamp Bonn, Germany

Basecamp Bonn

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Spend a night in one of the best indoor camping sites in the world!

It consists of 16 antique caravans, two night time sleepers, airstream trailers and few other oddities needed for your stay. It's all fantastically organized as indoor campground that is far better than another boring hotel! It is actually located in the former garage and can accommodate a total of a hundred and twenty beds throughout vintage 15 trailers, night time sleepers, two american Airstreams, two Volkswagen transporters, a Trabant and Citroen.

All caravans have been outfitted with TV, and each one features special theme including front lawns, bibelots and historic props. Prices are cheap and ideally fitted for visitors, backpackers and businesses that have a flavor for adventure. Whats not to like?

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Unique hotel Basecamp Bonn1, Germany


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