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Unique hotel Be Manos, Belgium

Be Manos

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Why not stay in unique 100-year old building refurbished into one of the Brussel's most unusual boutique hotel? It's been selected among 65 most luxurious and most trendy hotels in the world by Condé Nast Traveller. Prepare for unusual classy look when you decide to book it: natural black stone floors, metallic curtains, joyful photographs laid in aluminum and terraces with a panoramic view create here a mixture of esthetics, luxury and timeless design.

You can enjoy spa and a classy tactful bar with its own roof terrace with couches and relaxation area. The business lounge even contains a library, so you can read a book by the fireplace with a drink. Worth booking!

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Unique hotel Be Manos1, Belgium


Unique hotel Be Manos2, Belgium


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Square de l'Aviation 23 , Brussels, Belgium