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Unique hotel Bochnia Salt Mine, Poland

Bochnia Salt Mine

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Sleep 250 meters below the surface!

Bochnia Salt Mine originates in Middle Ages, when miners, horses and canary birds were working hard to get the precious salt. Today this place remains magnificent UNESCO site with spooky corridors, mining equipment and... ferry crossing. Oh, and there is also 140-metre slide that will take you to you your chamber where you will spend the night!

If that is not enough, there is also a train, chapel and football pitch if you fancy a game. But we're pretty sure that sleeping with 250 meters of the rock above your head will give you chills and be remembered for long!

Note that only certain dates are available, and it is neccesarily to contact mine office beforehand!

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Unique hotel Bochnia Salt Mine1, Poland


Unique hotel Bochnia Salt Mine2, Poland


Unique hotel Bochnia Salt Mine3, Poland


Unique hotel Bochnia Salt Mine4, Poland


Unique hotel Bochnia Salt Mine5, Poland


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