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Unique hotel Boscolo Prague, Czech Republic

Boscolo Prague

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Designed by Austrian architect Wolf, this building is a pleasure to look at! First residents of this majestic building were bank and then post office. Today, it has been renovated and is a host to one of the best Prague hotels.

Expect original furnishings including headboards and frescoes from 18th Century, brass chandeliers, alabaster columns and cupid sculptures. Hotel is home to renowned restaurant, cigar bar, spa and pool. Top Prague booking!

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Air conditioning
Airport transfer
Swimming pool

Unique hotel Boscolo Prague1, Czech Republic


Unique hotel Boscolo Prague2, Czech Republic


Unique hotel Boscolo Prague3, Czech Republic


Unique hotel Boscolo Prague4, Czech Republic


Unique hotel Boscolo Prague5, Czech Republic


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Senovazne Namesti 12 , Prague, Czech Republic