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Unique hotel Canopy Tower, Panama

Canopy Tower

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Observe rare birds from the former radar tower!

Unique hotel Canopy Tower is placed Soberania National Park in former radar tower built by USA used to control Panama Canal. Now this place is used by families to observe birds and experience evergreen rainforest. Serious birdwatchers will be more than happy here as the terrace provides unobstructed views of the local canopies and its colorful inhabitants including motmots, toucans, fruitcrow and Blue Cotingas and Green Shrike-Vireos.

Also birding trips to prime locations are organised daily, so everyone can feel the thrill of spotting rare species, including world most renowned ornithologists. Once-in-a-lifetime adevnture!

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Semaphore Hill Road, Soberania National Park, , Panama City, Panama