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Unique hotel Canvas Hotel, Norway

Canvas Hotel

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Stay close to the nature in charming yurts!

Meet one of the most unique hotels in Norway! It is located on the small island, and to get there you'll have to trek or cycle with the help of the hotel guide. Once you'll get to the hotel, you will see 9 yurts spreaded out on the island with main dining and bar located right in the centre. There is also sauna yurt for soaking in the evening. And in the mornings you are greeted by smell of fresh coffee in front of your tent.

You can try fishing here, trekking or the local speciality: cycling - hotel owners designed a network of mountain biking paths around with endless route variations. From family-friendly to the ones for more advanced riders - everyone will like this place!

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In hotel:


Mountain biking
Animal watching

Unique hotel Canvas Hotel1, Norway


Unique hotel Canvas Hotel2, Norway


Unique hotel Canvas Hotel3, Norway


Unique hotel Canvas Hotel4, Norway


Unique hotel Canvas Hotel5, Norway


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Heimdal Canvas Hotel, Nissedal, Norway