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Unique hotel Capsule Inn Sapporo, Japan

Capsule Inn Sapporo

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This capsule motel is uncommon due to the fact it is male-only. Expect to leave your shoes at the door, put your things inside the locker room and take advantage of the communal facilities. You may read in the library, sweat inside the sauna and relax or shower inside the baths. Your capsule has a television, radio, alarm clock and air-conditioning. There's an alternative of a 6pm test-out, which is beneficial in case you are jetlagged or just love hanging out in a plastic coffin.

But the room prices are reasonable and there are the joys of Sapporo city to lure you. The hotel is properly placed, near the historical centre of the town and close to the ski-slopes and thermal baths Hokkaido is well-known for. Worth staying!

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Unique hotel Capsule Inn Sapporo2, Japan


Unique hotel Capsule Inn Sapporo5, Japan


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