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Unique hotel Carska, Poland


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Stay in the historic train carriage!

This unique hotel is located in an old building of the historical railway station "Bialowieza Towarowa", built in 1903 for the Tsar Nicholas II. Luckily, it survived both World Wars and today we can enjoy this example of wooden architecture with all its features.  Luxury railroad wagons were transformed to Tsarist saloon cars where you can spend a night! If that's not enough, you can stay at two luxury apartments and traditional one located in water tower.

Nearby Bialowieza forest offers many attractions including animal watching including bisons, wolves and deers roaming in Primeval Forest. After that, you can eat original regional food in "Carska Restaurant" or try the Russian sauna. Perfect!

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Animal watching

Unique hotel Carska1, Poland


Unique hotel Carska2, Poland


Unique hotel Carska3, Poland


Unique hotel Carska4, Poland


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Stacja Towarowa 4 , Bialowieza, Poland