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Unique hotel Ceasar's Palace, United States

Ceasar's Palace

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This isn't the real Ceasar's Palace, is it?

Prepare yourself to follow the steps of the famous Hangover Team! Maybe without roofies. To do that just check-in into Ceasar's Palace and you can stroll in the very same places movie was shoot on. Casino, Front Desk, lobby, elevators, corridors and so on. 

If you're planning to book the same room - you can't. The suite used in the movie was build on purpose on the movie set. Probably due to "No tiger" policy of hotel. Luckily, it was heavily inspired by the Forum Tower Emperor Suite which you can book to recreate your favourite moments from the film.

If not for the movie come for 7 swimming pools, Gordon Ramsey's Hell's Kitchen restaurant or famous casino. Other rooms start from $99. Have fun!

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In hotel:

Air conditioning
Airport transfer
Swimming pool
Fitness area
Party area

Helicopter flights

Unique hotel Ceasar's Palace1, United States


Unique hotel Ceasar's Palace2, United States


Unique hotel Ceasar's Palace3, United States


Unique hotel Ceasar's Palace4, United States


Unique hotel Ceasar's Palace5, United States


Movie credit: The Hangover

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