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Unique hotel Chateau Appony, Slovakia

Chateau Appony

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Stay in a hotel with library full of historical treasures!

From political tractates to medicinal journals, satirical plays and poems - 17,000 dusty books and scrolls are waiting to be explored in library of this unique hotel. Most of the texts were written around XVII - XVIII century, but some of them are as old as 1581 - back then people were still thinking that Sun revolves around the Earth, and the great invention was...pencil. All the things written back then, must be fascinating from our perspective few hundred years later! So reserve some time and for a small fee you can roam vast shelves of this historical library.

Upstairs you'll find rooms that are modern, yet focused on historical features of the mansion. Restaurant serves traditional Slovakian food and Medditerraean cuisine. You can relax strolling in English-style gardens or swimming in indoor pool or sauna. If you'll still have some spare time, you can visit ruins of the castle from 18th century, old crypts in nearby church or taste some Slovakian wine in local vineyards. Just perfect!

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