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Unique hotel Commune By The Great Wall, China

Commune By The Great Wall

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Stay at one of the Architectural Wonder of China!

When you hear that hotel was designed by not one but twelve architects, you know this is going to be unique. And “Commune by the Great Wall” does not disappoint. Inside you can choose to stay at one of the 40 individually themed villas with 175 suites. From Bamboo Wall and Forest House (looking like a nest) to Airport House with its own sauna and bath.

You can either dine at Courtyard restaurant or have a drink before your exploring local area. Named as one of “Chinese Architectural Wonders”, this place is worth every penny!

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In hotel:

Air conditioning
Swimming pool


Unique hotel Commune By The Great Wall4, China


Unique hotel Commune By The Great Wall5, China


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The Great Wall Exit No.53 at Shuiguan G6 Jingzang Highway , Beijing, China