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Unique hotel Consolacion Hotel, Spain

Consolacion Hotel

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Stay at the modern luxury cubes!

This hotel gives you not one, but two unique choices: either traditional Spanish mansion room with traditional furnishings, or modern cubes with a nice view and suspended fireplace. And both are great! Hotel's restaurant is passionate about Spanish cuisine and will gladly invite you to one of their classes preparing everything form truffles and pastries to tapas and coctails.

Many of hotel spaces were developed to stimulate creative thinking, so you do not be surprised if you get that genius idea while staying here!

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In hotel:

Air conditioning
Swimming pool
BBQ facilities


Unique hotel Consolacion Hotel1, Spain


Unique hotel Consolacion Hotel2, Spain


Unique hotel Consolacion Hotel3, Spain


Unique hotel Consolacion Hotel4, Spain


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N-232 44652 , Monroyo, Spain