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Unique hotel Continental Saigon, Viet Nam

Continental Saigon

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Stay in the oldest hotel in Vietnam

In 1878 a local manufacturer Pierre Cazeau decided that Ho Chi Minh needs a luxury hotel for the growing number of French people coming to Vietnam. And so 2 years later Continental Hotel Saigon was born. Soon it was sold to Duke Montpensier and later to Mathier Franchini - a gangster from Corsica, who became proud manager until the 1975. In 1960's hotel briefly changed it's name to "Dai Luc Lu Quan" due government required all signboards to be signed in Vietnamese.

Through all the years this unique hotel hosted some celebrities including Rabintranath Tagore - Nobel prize winner in literature. Or Graham Greene, who was a long-term guest in room 214 (author of the 'Quiet American' about transitional period between the French Colonialnist and the United States of America in the Vietnam War). Today while Cho Chi Minh continues to grow as energetic city Continental Saigon maintains its peaceful majesty.

Inside you'll find upscale rooms, lots of hotel services, two restaurants serving Italian and Vietnamese specialties. Local attractions include Concierge will arrange all kind of attractions including Saigon City Tour and visits to Cai Be Floating Market and Cu Chi war tunnels. Hotel is located conveniently 5min walk from bus station and 25min drive from the airport.

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