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Unique hotel Cottars 1920s Camp, Kenya

Cottars 1920s Camp

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Safari expeditions originated in early 20th century, when African adventures and wonders were fueling dreams of almost everyone in Western Europe. The Cottar family has a long tradition of fulfilling these dreams. In fact, it offers guided expeditions since 1919.

Owners of this unique hotel are very close to the neighbouring Masai Tribe and were allowed to set up a camp in the most beautiful part of the reserve. Thanks to that today you can experience golden times of pionneering as if cars and planes still were something that was just invented. There is a range of different excursions offered to watch elephants, lions, girrafes and monkeys, but guides will be happy to tailor everything to your needs. 100% worth it!

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Unique hotel Cottars 1920s Camp1, Kenya


Unique hotel Cottars 1920s Camp3, Kenya


Unique hotel Cottars 1920s Camp4, Kenya


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