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Unique hotel Deely House, Taiwan

Deely House

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The most children-friendly hotel in the world!

A hotel filled with laughter and child play where your kids can play anything they want! Rooms have been decorated with the animals, princesses, heroes and fairy-tale characters. These include Little Red Hood, Mermaid, Snow White and Wizard of Oz themed rooms. Imagine how happy your kids will be here! 

Each room comes with its own bathroom, TV, AC, fun toys and... a slide! Time to play!


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Air conditioning


Unique hotel Deely House1, Taiwan


Unique hotel Deely House2, Taiwan


Unique hotel Deely House3, Taiwan


Unique hotel Deely House4, Taiwan


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Linan Road, Tainan West Central District, 700 No. 72, Section 1, Tainan, Taiwan