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Unique hotel Desert Cave Hotel, Australia

Desert Cave Hotel

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Stay underground in White's Man Hole!

Deep in the Australian Outback there is little mining town called Coober Pedy. Its name comes from Aborigens Language where "Kupa-piti" means "White man's hole". Why hole? This place is getting so hot, that people live in the "dugouts" - artificialy made caves that stay nice and chilly during the day.

So your dugout here is called Desert Cave, and has everything you can expect from a 4-star hotel: from minibars and flat screen TV's to fine restaurant and room service. This unique hotel also offers interesting tours including everything from explorations of desert caves and mines, to romantic dinners. This must be the most luxurious hole in Australia!

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In hotel:

Air conditioning
Airport transfer
Swimming pool


Unique hotel Desert Cave Hotel1, Australia


Unique hotel Desert Cave Hotel2, Australia


Unique hotel Desert Cave Hotel4, Australia


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LOT 1 Hutchison Street , Coober Pedy, Australia