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Unique hotel Dotonbori Hotel, Japan

Dotonbori Hotel

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Stay in the hotel with the most welcoming facade ever!

If you happen to be in Osaka this place is hard to miss: four giant heads with legs (each representing four races of the world), are welcoming you in this unique hotel. And with such welcome you will feel like home! Your room here is not much of a big deal: wooden floor, LCD TV and DVD library.

Luckily there is bicycle rental, lots of vending machines (that also do laundry) and pizza delivery to your room!

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Air conditioning

Unique hotel Dotonbori Hotel1, Japan


Unique hotel Dotonbori Hotel2, Japan


Unique hotel Dotonbori Hotel4, Japan


Unique hotel Dotonbori Hotel5, Japan


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2.03.2025 , Dotonbori, Japan