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Unique hotel Dragsholm Slot, Denmark

Dragsholm Slot

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Dare to stay in a haunted castle with Michelin-starred restaurant!

Unique hotel Dragsholm Slot is placed in one of the oldest buildings in whole Denmark. Built around 1215 and fortified to a castle, it was one of the strongest buildings in Denmark during Count's Feud. Then it was taken over by Crown, turned into prison (for noble people only!) that imprisoned...its former owner. Then during war castle was blown up and became a ruin, until king sold it as part of payment for his outstanding debts.

Today, thanks to many modernisations and restorations, it's baroque style remained intact. Romantic saloons, furniture and bedrooms have a distinct charm, so "Scandinavia's Most Romantic Hotel" award is justified. And there's more: "Best Food Lovers's Hotel" thanks to it's Michelin-awarded restaurant, "One of the coolest hang-outs in the world" due to many activities around. 

And if that's not enough, there are three ghosts in the castle according to witnesses: a grey lady, a white lady and Lord Bothwell, who is said to ride through the courtyard with a full horse and carriage. Yikes!

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