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Unique hotel Earthship Patagonia, Argentina

Earthship Patagonia

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Stay in the famous eco-earthship!

Amazing eco-structures originated by Michael Reynolds have a legendary status among the eco-enthusiasts. And no wonder - your hotel will never be more eco-friendly than earthship. 

It's walls are made from car tires stuffed with sand, walls from clay, straw, cans and bottles. It has a special airflow system that keeps stable temperature around the year, collects and reuse the water and produces electricity and food. It means this home is as close to being self-sustainable as possible.

Normally you would have to pay $2000 to learn how to build it, but here you have a chance to stay in this unique hotel for much less, and see all the amazing solutions for yourself. Simply amazing!

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Unique hotel Earthship Patagonia1, Argentina


Unique hotel Earthship Patagonia2, Argentina


Unique hotel Earthship Patagonia3, Argentina


Unique hotel Earthship Patagonia4, Argentina


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