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Unique hotel Eco Lodge Mancora, Peru

Eco Lodge Mancora

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Learn surfing in the most relaxed surfing eco lodge in Peru!

Eco Lodge Mancora is placed right on the beach famous for its surfing and kitesurfing conditions. No doubt you'll have a great time here if you're into water sports! Hotel is small and unusual, but ticks all the boxes of eco-beach property: it's built from local materials like wicker, serves organic food and has zero cabron impact. Luckily you'll still have little luxurious touches like swimming pool and massage service.

Perfect little unique beach hideaway!

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In hotel:

Air conditioning
Airport transfer
Swimming pool
BBQ facilities

Yoga lessons

Unique hotel Eco Lodge Mancora1, Peru


Unique hotel Eco Lodge Mancora2, Peru


Unique hotel Eco Lodge Mancora3, Peru


Unique hotel Eco Lodge Mancora4, Peru


Unique hotel Eco Lodge Mancora5, Peru


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Panamericana Norte Km 1215 (en la quebrada) , Mancora, Peru