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Unique hotel Eden Exoticism Planet, Taiwan

Eden Exoticism Planet

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Sleep in the amazing bat-cave!

Unique hotel Eden Exoticism Planet in Taiwan has one thing that is worth visiting: amazing bat-cave that looks as good as the one in the movies!

The more you look at this bat-cave room the more amazing it gets: bat-furniture, bat-mobile and bat-paintings on the wall. There are even small bats hanging from the ceiling, bat- signal and Gotham view! Bruce Wayne who is used to luxuries wouldn't mind staying here!

Apart of that there are other rooms equally interesting: American Room, English Room, Pop-Art room, Prison Room and African room - you choose! There are snacks onsite available and whole place is 18+. Have a great stay!

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Unique hotel Eden Exoticism Planet1, Taiwan


Unique hotel Eden Exoticism Planet2, Taiwan


Unique hotel Eden Exoticism Planet3, Taiwan


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Yucheng Road 1 Floor, No. 1685, Gushan, Taiwan