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Unique hotel Elqui Domos, Chile

Elqui Domos

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Stay in the eco-domes with private astronomic observatory!

Located right on the side of Atacama desert this unique hotel offers amazing opportunity to observe the night sky. And you cannot find a better place to do that - for 300 days a year sky remains crystal clear,while the owners of the Elqui Domos are providing you with private observatory with professional electronic telescope.

Of course you can ask for a night sky tour if you're new to astronomy. When you wake up in the morning you can spend time in reataurant, swimming pool, or explore the area on the back of a horse. Magical!

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Swimming pool

Unique hotel Elqui Domos1, Chile


Unique hotel Elqui Domos2, Chile


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Elqui Domos, Los Nichos , Paihuano, Chile