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Unique hotel Enfrente Arte, Spain

Enfrente Arte

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Spend a night in an unique artsy bohemian hotel!

If you're travelling through Spain probably you do not want to stay in boring hotel! Good, because we have something for you. Located on the oldest paved street in Ronda, you will find quite unique and quirky little hotel called Enfrente Arte.

Once you step in, prepare yourself for quite unusual bohemian art including breakfast buffet in the trunk of VW Beetle. Hotel's pool looks quite normal and is a perfect place to relax after long hot day of exploring the city.

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In hotel:

Air conditioning
Swimming pool
BBQ facilities


Unique hotel Enfrente Arte1, Spain


Unique hotel Enfrente Arte5, Spain


Unique hotel Enfrente Arte6, Spain


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Calle Real 40 , Ronda, Spain