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Unique hotel Eskimska Vas, Slovenia

Eskimska Vas

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Spend a night in the snow village!

Spend a night in fantastic Igloo hotel and prepare to be completely surrounded by snow!  Temperature in your room will be between 0-4C, but do not worry - you will have special sleeping bag that will keep you warm for the night!

You can choose one of two igloos for up to 8 people, or one of the special romantic igloos.  Restaurant will give you a chance to experience traditional Slovenian sausage (Carniolian Sausage) with horseradish on the side and fresh bread. Naturally, there is also a bar where you can unwind after a long day. Did we menton that ski slopes are just 100m away? Well now you know!

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Unique hotel Eskimska Vas1, Slovenia


Unique hotel Eskimska Vas2, Slovenia


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Igloo Village Pokljuka, Pokljuka, Slovenia