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Unique hotel Fannarakhytta, Norway


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Sleep in Norway's highest lodge!

Located at the top of Fannaråken, this unique hotel is placed 2068 meters above the sea level. No other hotel in Norway offers better view and sense of outdoor adventure! From here, you'll have a great views of Hurrungane Mountains, and Smørstab and Jostedal glaciers. Sunrise here is quite famous in Norway, and something to talk about when you get back home.

You will need 5 hours to get here by foot (you can join organised expeditions to the tongue of glacier). Luckily there will be welcoming hearty 3 course meal waiting for you, along with beautiful sunset. Worth the effort!

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Unique hotel Fannarakhytta1, Norway


Unique hotel Fannarakhytta2, Norway


Unique hotel Fannarakhytta5, Norway


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