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Unique hotel Fogo Island Inn, Canada

Fogo Island Inn

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Stay in the place with 7 seasons!

"Warm summers, snowy winters, a spectacular ice season, hopeful spring, trap berth season, the world’s best berry picking in the early fall, and a stormy and emotional late autumn." - these are the seasons you will find on Fogo Island according to Fogo Island Inn owners. You will also find here very unique hotel built on stilts, just meters away from the water. Inside you will find everything you might need: comfortable rooms, restaurant, bar, library, cinema and sauna with hot tubes.

Number of activities is just too long to be listed here, but the most interesting ones include bird, caribou or iceberg watching, hikes in the area, fishing, swimming, cross-country skiing, ice-skating, snow shoeing or...jumping on the ice pans! Really.

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In hotel:


Animal watching
Bird watching
Boat trips
Cross-country skiing
Ice skating
Snow shoeing

Unique hotel Fogo Island Inn2, Canada


Unique hotel Fogo Island Inn4, Canada


Unique hotel Fogo Island Inn5, Canada


Unique hotel Fogo Island Inn6, Canada


Unique hotel Fogo Island Inn7, Canada


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