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Unique hotel Free Spirit Spheres, Canada

Free Spirit Spheres

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Stay in the eco-egg hanging on the tree!

You can choose from three different and unique eggs (next two are being hatched) with a big round window. You will be surprised how much you can get in one sphere: bed for two, sink, electricity, kettle, fridge and round windows. Toilets are outside, but are elegant, clean and comfy.

Free Spirit Spheres are located on Vancouver Island, so expect many adventures once you'll get here: from kayaking, swimming and SUP's to caving and ziplining. Unique, comfy and close to nature. 

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Unique hotel Free Spirit Spheres2, Canada


Unique hotel Free Spirit Spheres4, Canada


Unique hotel Free Spirit Spheres5, Canada


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420 Horne Lake Road , Quallicum Beach, Canada